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Masonic organizations that provide an opportunity for men, women, and youth to enjoy fellowship, serve their communities, and deepen their understanding of life.

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Freemasonry is the world's largest and oldest fraternal organization. Based on metaphors derived from the traditions of the men who built the great cathedrals of Europe, Masonry imparts its teachings through a series of degrees. The Scottish Rite is one of the two branches of Freemasonry in which a Master Mason may proceed after he has completed the three degrees of Symbolic or Blue Lodge Masonry. The other branch is known as the York Rite, consisting of Royal Arch Masons, Royal and Select Masters and the Knights Templar.

What Are The Masons?

Masons (also known as Freemasons) belong to the oldest and largest fraternal organization in the world. Today, there are more than two million Freemasons in North America. Masons come from diverse political ideologies, yet meet as friends. Masons come from varied races, religious beliefs and creeds, yet all believe in a Supreme Being.

What Do Mason Do?

Beyond it’s focus on individual development and growth, Masonry is deeply involved in helping people. The Freemasons of North America contribute over two million dollars a day to charitable causes. This philanthropy represents an unparalleled example of the humanitarian commitment of the great and honorable Fraternity. Most of that assistance goes to people who are not Masons.

So Who Are The Masons?

Masons are men of good character who strive to improve themselves And make the world a better place. They belong to the oldest and most honorable fraternity known to man. If you think you may be interested in becoming a member, you can begin by contacting a lodge in your area or speaking to a Mason.

Our History

Tuleburg, California was founded in 1841 as a land development Old Masonic Temple on El Dorado and Channel Streets plan. After gold was discovered nearby in 1848, the town incorporated and changed its name to Stockton. A Charter was issued to San Joaquin Lodge No. 19 on May 5, 1852 and two years later a second Lodge, Morning Star No. 68, was chartered. By the year 1900 the combined membership of the two lodges was 274 and Masonry continued to grow.

- Stockton Valley -

It was thought to be time for a Scottish Rite in Stockton and the Hartley Lodge of Perfection was organized in 1869. However, after 21 years with no meetings and only 11 members, the Charter was revoked in 1891. In May, 1904, a group of Master Masons, some of them Scottish Rite brothers, met at the old Masonic Hall on El Dorado and Channel Streets to organize and charter Stockton Lodge of Perfection No. 2. The Albert Pike Chapter of Rose Croix No. 9 was instituted on January 31, 1906 and the W. Frank Pierce Council of Kadosh No. 9 were on April 1, 1911. By the year 1910 the membership of the Bodies was 256. With no Consistory, the Stockton brethren had to travel to Oakland or San Francisco to receive the Consistory degrees. On November 1, 1922, Stockton Consistory was duly constituted. The Bodies continued to grow and at the end of 1930 records show a membership of 731. During the Great Depression the membership held up well, with 656 in 1945. In the next two decades it had recovered to 2,523 in 1955.

Stockton Lodge

The Building Committee, for the third time, searched for a suitable site to erect a new Temple. On Saturday, April 12 1960, the Stockton Scottish Rite Temple at 33 Alpine Avenue was dedicated. The Lodge Room seats 820 and the banquet room seats 800. The building contains all the necessary rooms and equipment to confer all the degrees.(1) The Stockton Scottish Rites is now located at 340 East Market St, Stockton, CA 95204.

Scottish Rite History

The Scottish Rite had its beginning in France, when in 1754, the Chevalier de Bonneville established in Paris, a chapter of twenty-five so-called High Degrees which, including the three symbolic Degrees, these High Degrees were called the Rite of Perfection. In 1758 these Degrees were taken to Berlin and placed under a body called the Council of Emperors of the East and West, and in 1762 Frederick the Great of Prussia became the head of the Rite and promulgated what is known as the Constitution of 1762. In 1786 a reorganization took place in which eight Degrees were added to the twenty-if, and the name changed to the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. By this Constitution, Frederick resigned his authority as Grand Commander and provided that the government of the new system of Degrees should rest with a Council of each Nation, to be composed of nine Sovereign Grand Inspectors General of the Thirty-Third and last Degree of Freemasonry.

In 1761, the year before Frederick the Great was said to have taken under his patronage all Masonry in Germany, Stephen Morin of France was commissioned Inspector General of the New World by the Grand Consistory of Sublime Princes of the Royal Secret in Paris to introduce the Rite in America. He established Bodies in San Domingo and Jamaica and in turn commissioned Henry Andrew Francken who established a Lodge of Perfection in Albany, N.Y., in 1767. Other Lodges of Perfection were organized in various places including one in Charleston, S.C., until in 1801 they were consolidated under the Jurisdiction of the Supreme Council. From the beginning, these Lodges of Perfection were in full harmony with the Symbolic Lodges, assuming no authority over them and invariably beginning their work with the Fourth Degree.

House Of The Temple

The Revised Constitutions of 1786 provided for two Supreme Councils in the United States of America with equal powers in their respective jurisdictions. Accordingly in 1813, the Supreme Council ceded all of the United States north of the Mason and Dixon Line and east of the Mississippi River for the purpose of establishing a second Council in this Country. This territory comprises the States of Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin and is termed the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States, the headquarters in Boston, Mass. The remaining thirty-five States together with all territories and dependencies, China, Japan and the Army and Navy were retained by the "Mother Supreme Council" and are now termed the Southern Masonic Jurisdiction of the United States. During the Supreme Council years of continuous existence, it has surmounted all difficulties and has become a dominant influence in the world of Masonry. The Supreme Council 33, whose SEE is at Charleston in the State of South Carolina, is in truth the Mother Council of the World. It now has its headquarters in Washington, D.C., where it occupies the most magnificent Masonic Temple in the world, known as the "House of the Temple".

The Stockton Scottish Rite Almoners Warehouse

The Almoners Warehouse is a 501 c 3 non profit entity that accepts cash donations as well as used durable medical equipment. The medical equipment (wheel chairs, shower chairs, portable toilets etc.) is refur- bished by the Warehouse staff and donated to persons in need in the community. We also aid distressed worthy brothers in their time of need. 

The Masonic Journey

Would you like to learn more or interested in becoming apart of the Masonic Journey reach out through our form below.

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